SUBURBANISM : There’s Something Happening Here by Steve Oklyn


There is something happening here and it is the Suburbanist transformation of global culture. In brief my observation is that the goal of the Suburbanist cultural leadership is to remove the need for an individual’s search for knowledge and to have the newest Web 2.0 netizens look for and be defined only by consumerist contentment.
FASHIONWORLD’s singular objective is to define and control the vocabulary of human happiness.
I view the strategic progression as Walt Disney to Andy Warhol to Steve Jobs to Larry Page/Sergey Brin to Marc Zuckerberg to Miuccia Prada and finally back to Walt Disney.
In a Suburbanist world everything already happened and the Suburbanist corporations who control the intellectual property of the past need to keep repeating that past which they already own and present it as the future.
This asserts and insures their control. This is the Apple Campus 2 INFINITY LOOP.
The design of the building is not just aesthetic. It is the operational feed-back loop protecting the systems power. It is the nexus of THE SOFT-CARPETED WORLD.

NOT VOGUE statement by Steve Oklyn:

Mickey Mouse by Andy Warhol:

Andy Mouse by Keith Haring:
andy mouse

Left to right: Cara Delevingne – Kenndall Jenner and Gigi Hadid at Disneyland:

Dan Colen’s painting titled: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice:

FASHIONWORLD statement by Miuccia Prada [“ Music from Walt Disney’s Fantasia played…” In the animated film Fantasia Mickey Mouse is the sorcerer’s apprentice]:



Also note that the design of the collection is a mirror [feed-back loop] of the “look” of the American suburban woman from the 1960’s:

February 27, 2015
The Rose Hotel

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