lundi 27 mai 2024

APAR.TV is a series of interconnected information platforms. The platform is comprised of ultra-fast journalism reporting on contemporary events and people [creators and thinkers] involved with art, music, design, fashion, film, literature, theater, and media. The editorial content is focused on anti-estasblishment creations and ideas.

One of our strongest ideals is that we do not support and report about things that are based on or express nostalgia.

We believe that most contemporary culture is based on the past and cannot truly express what is NOW. PUNK HAPPENED. NEXT. GRUNGE HAPPENED. NEXT. POST-MODERN HAPPENED. NEXT. The 20th century happened and we are living in the 21st century.

APAR.TV wants to experience what is the most progressive ideas, people, and projects that are happening now and that can guide us towards the future.

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