The first film 99% YOUTH directed by Julien Paolini


Over the past six decades, FASHIONWORLD has slaved to believe, moving from trend to trend, brand to brand, illusion to illusion, and has given very little time to doubts, brief intervals between FASHIONWORLD’s normative periods of blindness. In reality they were not doubts but pauses, moments of respite resulting from the fatigue of faith.

La Société Des Infiltrationnistes and its social action division 99% YOUTH were conceived by individuals who are unfit for illusion.

A diverse [age-gender-race and skills] group bound by their conviction that doubt contains the power to disrupt the enslavement to the irrational dogma FASHIONWORLD tirelessly presents as truths.

LSD INFILTRATIONNISTES is focused on authoring messages and writing code viruses while 99% YOUTH is responsible for developing experiences.

Today’s action before the LOUIS VUITTON Women’s Fall/Winter 2017 show at the Louvre was conceived and presented to further explore our stated interest in generating doubt.

Disrupting FASHIONWORLD’s incessant propaganda which has turned youth’s natural search for ideas into an addiction to branded consumer products.

We say FUCK LOUIS VUITTON. We also say FUCK to all the individuals that LV needs to construct, present, and promote its message: BUY OR DIE socially.

We say to anyone ready to take a moment to listen to our message and think on their own to redirect your time and financial resources to being ready-to-live.

FUCK THE ICONS Coco Chanel to Kate Moss. FUCK THEIR FICTIONS Derek Blasberg to 032c Magazine. FUCK THEM ALL Vetements to Supreme.



A film by Julien Paolini
"Aurélien Poirson + Cécile Montigny"
Director of photography: Hadrien Vedel
Assistant camera: Raphael Morgenstern
Additional camera operator: Gustin Guillaume
Kids: Shyra & Jahyan Mwenzi
BMX: Manu Bassabova
Editor: Gwen Ghelid
Sound design: Vince Van Driesten
Music Supervision : Pierre-Marie Dru
Music : Menlo Park Music
Colorist: Pierre Laurent
Post-production: Wattson
Assistant produceur: Sinbad Iksel
Special thanks: Pierre-Marie Dru, Julien Vicaire, Alexandra Kaldili, Jean-Pierre Gavinet, Anon Bunker, Elise Marquilly, Victor Merlaut, Carmen Athena Bramly, Nicolas Bas, Mathieu Kervenec, Massabova Emmanuel, Nicolas Petin, Aymon Aoumy, Marienne Bastien, Shaguy Mwenzi, Egle Vetri, Pamela Mwenzi, Delobel Antoine, Pacome Grah Koffi, Bès de Berc Benoît, Bazare Tgoje Joris, Deborah Banbard-Golieki, William Dentz, Mickael Hinger, Gauthier Dersigny, Lucie Atroum, Hugo Marel, Jonathan Amar, Mathis Barbat, Baptiste Brousse, Rapahelle Odi, Zoé Sagan, Anna Summer, Jeremy Barlozzo, Paul Verhoye, Raphaël Poirson.
Publié le 09/03/2017