JOLIE 2024: Angelina Jolie for President of The United States in 2024 by Steven Mark Klein


6IXTY SECONDS was founded by Andrea Wiegman and Steven Mark Klein in November 2014.
Ms. Wiegman is based in Amsterdam and is the founder of SECONDSIGHT a think tank focused on predicting societal changes and transformations. Mr. Klein is based in New York and has spent the past five decades experiencing first hand and then translating experimental aesthetic theories and procedures into forward leaning solutions for lifestyle corporations on a global scale. The nexus of 6IXTY SECONDS is to author statements that are big with possibilities and that contain as many different eventualities as possible.

6IXTY SECONDS is an algorithm which has on multiple occasions been able to determine that coordinates of events once grasped lead to a definable inevitability. Foresight is an invaluable process in a world that evolves drastically with each sixty second sweep of a watch second hand or digital readout. In the late twentieth century each of us was given fifteen minutes to define ourselves. In the twenty-first century our systems and tools have accelerated that event to sixty seconds.

The founders of 6IXTY SECONDS decided to announce its formation with the prognostication that actress, film director and social activist Angelina Jolie could be President of the United States [POTUS] in 2024. To announce this idea we created the JOLIE 2024 t-shirt. The message using a generic font is printed on the
back to discourage selfie activity. Also in respect to Ms. Jolie’s courageous decision to undergo preventive double mastectomy surgery in 2013. The project’s message is political and not brand based.


Ms. Wiegman and Mr. Klein are students and transformers of the processes, tactics and strategies that define both The Fourth and The Fifth Estates. We believe that The Sixth Estate, the global entertainment industry has become the defining spectacle [mass reality] of Web 2.0 society. American politics especially since the election of John F. Kennedy as the 35th President in 1961 and his subsequent assassination has become a Debordian happening. The current left-wing and right-wing narratives are most effectively experienced and comprehended as the Disneyfication of American politics.


JOLIE 2024 is a message authored by the intersection of a set of important societal coordinates. The 21st century has already become the century of women. The traditional American political parties are beyond repair in terms of who they are for and how they survive financially. They are controlled by Wall Street and only pay lip service to Main Street at election time. Why JOLIE 2024. She has over the past twenty years with much candor lived her life in public.
She has revealed to us her humanity over and over again through her work, her personal life and with dedication to supporting causes and people that have little access to power and in most cases no means or channels to express their views, their challenges and their needs. To live their lives not as victims but with dignity and hope. She has shown her support for children, the family and women’s rights with her time and with deep conviction.

UN-Worldwide Refugees Jolie

6IXTY SECONDS has taken the position that the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections are the dying moments for both the Bush and Clinton political dynasties. No more American political aristocracies. Once they have exhausted
with these elections what is barely left of the optimism inherent to the American political system something new will awaken. The baby boomer women who by their work, talent and inheritance will control the vast wealth and the
societal influence of the top 1% with a direct trickle-down leading to their grandchildren, the first-time voters born in 2006. The 2024 presidential election will be an event where there will be a profound shift in who decides the candidates running for election, the way that those candidates will be funded, how they will communicate their message and at the polls which emerging demographic that makes the decision who will lead them for the next four and potentially eight years. American politics will experience a sea-change. At that moment 24 years into the 21st century people not corporations will have the opportunity to elect a person as President who symbolizes their needs and their dreams and begin to erode the control of a presidency directed by the Fortune 500. A White House as envisioned for the people and by the people not the financial establishment. Maybe naive. Maybe a fantastic and impossible event.


JOLIE 2024: Angelina Jolie for President of the United States in 2024. Who of us reading that pronouncement does not want to envision Ms. Jolie being inaugurated with Brad Pitt and their children by her side. Who does not want to imagine the level of optimism and cultural support that her presidency would provide. Who does not want to feel that there would be someone in the White House who is openly concerned about and involved with the issues that truly are at the center of life for not only the citizens of The United States but also people globally that look to America as a place, a process and a way to be in the world. Let us take a moment to imagine President Jolie delivering her first State of the Union Address. Her first appearance at the G20. Her first appearance addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations. Who does not want to envision that first meeting between Madam President and Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin.

6IXTY SECONDS has authored a slogan for the projected JOLIE 2024 presidential campaign: IMAGINE


Steven Mark Klein
November 26, 2014

Publié le 08/03/2015