Gregory Marchenko offre un nouveau regard sur le film de mode


Il est jeune. Il est beau. Et en plus il a un talent immense. Gregory Marchenko, réalisateur Ukrainien, vient de signer un film de mode remarquable [PARALLEL] à l’occasion du Berlin Fashion Film Festival. Un film très mystérieux qui nous laisse sans voix. Son idée ? Modifier la réalité de notre conscience. Comme l’explique le réalisateur, « dans cette vidéo, nous avons voulu montrer les visages, et le degré de bonheur illusoire d’un homme qui tombe dans un espace complètement différent… »

Scene 1. Science Laboratory in the Middle Ages condemned the practice of science, a man who was involved in alchemy, in this case called a heretic. In this episode, we wanted to show the positive and negative effects of scientific research. Dr. Josef Mengele experimented on Jews at Auschwitz, dripping poison into the eyes that would change their color, and we drop our heroine through the eyes moved to another reality.
Scene 2. Plastic life of the bourgeoisie, in which nothing is perfect, and the present, there is a false happiness, and fall into the void. Therefore, all men froze as the soulless mannequins, the main character is looking for anything to live in them, and awakens in the late pianist that pressing a key on the piano moves it to a new dimension.
Scene 3. Idolatry, we see part of the pagan ritual of sacrifice (it is a substitution of notions, and belief in God), through the glass of blood transferred heroine Garden of Eden.
Scene 4. Heroine breaks an apple as did Eve in the path to knowledge. Apple brings it to the mirror that shows the true reality of the situation, the doctor noticing it in a parallel dimension takes her soul back into the body.
Publié le 01/06/2015