Thirty-nine FASHIONWORLD zombies were rushed to emergency rooms this week after overdosing on V2-just ten fewer than the whole month of June. With the « synthetic » FASHIONWORLD epidemic threatening to spiral out of control LA SOCIETE DES INFILTRATIONNISTES announced today an aggressive plan to battle the contagion on multiple social media platforms and networks.
« We want to make sure what is happening now in FASHIONWORLD does not spread to other cultural communities tomorrow. It’s in Paris today. It will be in Los Angeles tomorrow. And that’s what we want to prevent. No more V2. » def. VETEMENTS and BALENCIAGA combine to form V2.

Alexander Fury
Clara Deshayes
Alban Adam
Paul Hameline
Maud Escudie
Jina Khayyer
Ben Roazen
Julian Klincewicz
Emma Hope Allwood
Robin Meason
Angela Hill
David Owen
Valentin Fufaev
Pierre-Ange Carlotti
Liana Satenstein
Andrew Miksys
Susie Lau
Luca Guarini
Yu Fujiwara
Renata Litvinova
Helena Yeung
Isabelle Guichot
Joerg Koch
Vsevolod Cherepanov
Peter De Potter
Hari Nef
Avdotja Alexandrova
Harley Weir
Eva Godel
Dasha Selyanova
Gosha Rubchinskiy
Anders Christian Madsen
Mel Ottenberg
Anastasiia Fedorova
Collier Schorr
Sarah Mower
Adrian Joffe
Ted Stansfield
Elena Cavagnara

Publié le 16/07/2016