FASHIONWORLD has experienced a full assault invasion by a SOVIET BLOC. The members of this faction have emerged over that past two years. This Eastern gang and its collaborators includes designers, stylists, photographers, models, journalists, brand directors, magazine editors, the owners of FASHIONWORLD conglomerates and a cadre of sycophants. Members of the Eastern sect include:
Demna Gvasalia
Lotta Volkova
Guram Gvasalia
Clara Deshayes
Rei Kawakubo
Emma Hope Allwood
Anna Dyulgerova
Gosha Rubchinskiy
Adrian Joffe
Mike Meire
Maxim Bashkaev
Liana Satenstein
Paul Hameline
Olivier Zahm
Isabelle Guichot
Jefferson Hack
Pierre-Ange Carlotti
Francois-Henri Pinault
Maud Escudie
Kevin Ma
Nick Knight
Di Minrakhmanova
Sarah Mower
Idea Books
Lou Stoppard
Heron Preston
Tom Emmerson

These individuals and their organizations are posing as outlaws and revolutionaries but are really cultural parasites living off a society it claims to despise. Like bank robbers these self-proclaimed FASHIONWORLD anarchists went straight to where the money was: the fashion conglomerates.
These are not outsiders. Their posturing anarchy and redundant celebrations of self have endeared them to the overlords of the culture industry which have invited them into the machinery of the state.
The irony is remarkable: a group of self-styled revolutionaries focused on the glory days of youth and professing fealty to ideas that are half century older than they are. FASHIONWORLD promotes any number of progressive wings but is itself fundamentally regressive. The Baby Boomer generation which owns and operates the FASHIONWORLD state are inwardly still youthful [adolescent] in thought and outlook but outwardly wrinkled, decrepit, corrupted and doomed.
The Eastern invasion is just the most recent attempt to control the free thinking youth of the world. The work of these designers and their brand pronouncements are afflicted by a incoherent, jejune, hand-me-down anarchist philosophy.
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February 6, 2016
Los Angeles, CA

Publié le 06/02/2016