SUBURBANISM : There’s Something Happening Here [SECTION 2] by Steve Oklyn


In the 20th century contemporary culture, especially the most radical aspects of Western intellectual development and debate advanced in the great urban areas of Paris, Moscow, New York, and London.
In the 21st century the contemporary culture that is developing and beginning to define the world is being cloned and controlled on the corporate campuses of Apple, GOOGLE and Facebook in Northern California.
The financial, technical, and branding power is located in the Suburbanist North of California. This is the center of the brain trust. The content defined by celebrity data is predominately being managed and manufactured in the enclaves of Suburbanist Southern California, with Los Angeles still the central processing center.
We foresee that very quickly the content creation process and power will shift to these corporate Suburbanist campuses. That process began with Steve Job’s development of the first “i” culture processing tool iTunes in 2001, a hallmark in the history of Suburbanist cultural development.
Apple’s corporate Suburbanist strategy to direct the cultural development and data flow of the world continued with the acquisition of Beats Music and Beats Electronics in 2014 Headphone culture has been of particular interest to Apple.
The idea is to get inside the Suburbanist consumer’s head at an early age in their psychological development. What better way to enforce consumerist cultural mind control than by focusing on the evolving world’s youth.
The Suburbanist corporate campuses are rapidly aligning themselves with the traditional cultural authorities and societal arbiters.
FASHIONWORLD leadership has begun to take significant decision making positions at the Suburbanist cultural headquarters of Apple. They are leaving London and Paris to be in the suburbs of Cupertino, California. Angela Ahrendts formerly the CEO of Burberry is now the Senior Vice President, Retail and Online Stores at Apple. She reports to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Paul Deneve the former CEO of Saint Laurent is now Vice President Special Projects at Apple, also reporting to Tim Cook.
The carpeted environments of the leading luxury corporate cultures of Europe have now been transferred to The Soft-Carpeted World on campuses located in Northern California.
Conde Nast publicly announced their involvement in the process of shifting power, particularly brand power towards a cultural Suburbanist vision, when Anna Wintour chose to put Kim Kardashian with Kanye West on the cover of American Vogue’s April 2014 issue.
Since then, Kim’s nineteen year old half-sister Kendall Jenner has become a superstar of FASHIONWORLD influence.
In the first years of the 21st century the Suburbanist leadership has gained control of the world’s cultural narrative. The history of urban counterculture has been superseded by Suburbanist over-the-counter consumerist culture.
The black leather motorcycle jacket, an iconic image representing outlaw culture in the 20th century, has been transformed by FASHIONWORLD in alliance with Suburbanist technology into data.
It is this data that is flowing through the Suburbanist campuses and cloned, removing any aspect of cultural dissent in the process. That is the goal. What was once an idea [the outsider] in opposition to all forms of corporate involvement with counterculture is now an image promoting consumerist culture. A cultural revolution drained of all meaning becomes fashion. Welcome to the Suburbanist agenda.
Welcome to The Soft-Carpeted World. Karl Lagerfeld’s showroom:


Apple Watch event at COLETTE Paris September 2014 Pictured left to right are Sarah Andelman, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson a new member of the Apple design team:

American Vogue Magazine March 2015. On the right hand page [Apple icon/WATCH] is the first page of a 12 page propaganda spectacle.

Notice that it is positioned opposite the all important for propaganda purposes « letter from the editor » page signed by Anna Wintour. The Apple Watch launch with Anna Wintour’s full endorsement and involvement obviously engineered by Tim Cook is the model for Suburbanist consumer culture moving forward. People and products presented as culture but really just « meaningless excitement » [Peter Saville] strategically scripted, managed, and distributed by the Suburbanist leadership. Kim. Taylor. Karlie. Cara. Pharrell…
I can sell you lies You can’t get enough Make a true believer of Anyone anyone anyone “Lies” CHVRCHES

GOOGLE just announced their plans for a new 21st century cultural control center [campus]:

No.1 Apple Campus 2 [1 Infinity Loop] Cupertino, California “The 7th happiest place in the United States.”,_California

No.2 GOOGLE North Bayshore Campus Mountain View, California,_California

No.3 Facebook West Campus Menlo Park, California NOTE: Frank Gehry designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, California

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