SUBURBANISM in the year 2100 [1 Infinity Loop] by Steve Oklyn


Based on Dr. Hans Rosling’s, co-founder of Gapminder, calculated predication that Dubai will be the “centre of the world” by the year 2100. Dr. Rosling is unknowingly predicting that SUBURBANISM will become the central cultural movement of the world at that point in global history. His prediction is based on population calculations.
What we at NOT VOGUE predict is that even with this shift in global population the “center of the cultural world” will be APPLE Inc., Campus 2 [designed by Foster + Partners] located at 1 Infinity Loop in Cupertino, California. It will be the central processing, packaging, and dissemination site for a majority of the world’s cultural and entertainment data flow.
Steve Oklyn believes that what Dr. Rosling is advancing with his prediction is that the center of the world’s consumer culture will be located in Dubai by the year 2100. Steve Oklyn would argue that the suburbs of California are in 2015 and will still be in 2100 the major source of the world’s cultural spectacle. Data and influence will be gathered, processed, managed and distributed by APPLE and its various data partners. In 2100 there will probably be an APPLE Campus 3 and possibly Campus 4.
Steve Oklyn would also posit that within the next 85 years it would be possible that APPLE Inc. strategically merges with MoMA, CONDE NAST and LVMH. What is absent from Dr. Rosling’s idea is that world power does not just reside with population trends and statistics. It is who control’s the global spectacle.
The SUBURBANIST INTERNATIONAL [SI] controls the spectacle in 2015 and will still control the spectacle in 2100. The image of Dubai in 2100 will be a group of multi-cultural teenagers all wearing a Western brand of sneakers, distracted by Western forms of pop media with at least one at any gathering wearing a hat, t-shirt or hoodie with an image of Mickey Mouse printed on to it. Geo-political centers will continually shift over the next 85 years but the leadership and ownership of this eras culture and cultural influence will remain in the control of the SUBURBANIST INTERNATIONAL [SI].
Note that through shares and board membership prominent Middle Eastern business and political leaders will share in this control but the data will be still predominately Western in historical and intellectual sensibility. It will be customized when needed but still we believe that the world will be listening to music cloned from Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams and with the world’s art still predominately based on the fame, glamour and society model represented by the life and work of Andy Warhol. We would like to conclude with another prediction.
That in Dubai sometime before 2100 an enormous consumer based complex will exist branded and focused on luxury products and elite cultural experiences. This fictional center for the world’s most expensive and exclusive spectacles will be branded as The BERGDORF GAGOSIAN Mall. We envision the BG structure being the largest mall in the world.

SUBURBANISM curated by Steve Oklyn.

Publié le 19/02/2015