Les Fils De s’unissent avec l’excellente maison de production Rattling Stick


Les Fils De signent un nouveau partenariat avec Rattling Stick, l’un des acteurs majeurs de la profession à Londres, et renforce son roster avec 4 réalisateurs mondialement reconnus.
Rien de plus normal lorsque l’on sait que ces deux maisons de production ont un ADN étonnamment commun. Les Fils De comme Rattling Stick restent des maisons ultra-créatives, à la fois familiales mais déjà reconnues en Europe. Leurs visions et leurs ambitions vont dans la même direction, il fallait bien qu’ils puissent se marier un jour.
Pour officialiser l’évènement, Les Fils De vont représenter Ringan Ledwidge, Daniel Kleinman, Pete Riski et Sara Dunlop pendant que Rattling Stick développera la réalisatrice signée en exclusivité par les Fils De, à savoir, Loren Denis. Bref, de belles images en perspective…

Rattling Stick’s First Lady, Katie Keith comments, ‘We’re thrilled to have Loren join us and are very excited about the opportunities the UK market will offer her. Loren’s work is incredibly fresh yet original, effortless with its own unique energy. Whether dealing with photographic creative or more lighthearted performance, Loren brings her own strong signature look. Hugely talented and such a proactive and passionate director, she has already built up an impressive body of work. We see huge potential for Loren in the UK and she can’t wait to get started over here.’

The move for Loren also marks a more formal arrangement between the two companies, with Daniel Kleinman, Ringan Ledgwidge, Sara Dunlop and Pete Riski joining Les Fils De for representation in the French market.

Les Fils De co-founder Ben Duval comments that ‘Nowadays Les Fils De is established as a high quality creative company in Paris, but ever since we launched 7 years ago, the company has continued to grow and we’ve always stayed focused on developing and representing amazing talents. It was a perfect time to start looking for a good partner in the UK and I couldn’t hope for a better partner than Rattling Stick!’

He continues, ‘Meeting Katie Keith (First Lady of Rattling Stick) was a terrific moment. We immediately felt that we have a cultural fit, similar DNA and a lot of shared common interests. We both have a family feel and both believe in a lean structure and taking care of the people we work with.’


Massive Attack – Voodoo in my blood

Sainsburys – Christmas is for sharing

Coors Light – Ice bar & Frozen Pint

Guinness – Noitulove


Nuffield – Small victories

Wrigleys – Sarah & Juan


Royal Navy – Heartbeat

Levis – Beautiful morning


Opéra National de Paris – O comme Opéra

Tatiana Pajkovic – Well, nobody is perfect


About Rattling Stick:
Rattling Stick was founded in 2006 by Daniel Kleinman, Ringan Ledwidge and Johnnie Frankel.
No longer home to solely commercial production, Rattling Stick generates and produces high quality creative work in many forms, be that branded content, music videos, documentaries, title sequences, feature films or television.
At the heart of Rattling Stick is the conviction that all great communication starts with great story, irrespective of what it’s called, how long it is, how much it costs or where it lives. What excites us is brave, high quality, captivating content that makes its audience feel something.
Now home to fifteen directors and with an office in the US, Rattling Stick remains a small, spirited production company whose directors challenge, complement and encourage each other with the work they produce.
About Les Fils De:
Paris based Les Fils De is a Production Company founded in 2009 by Benjamin Duval and Jean-Pierre Gavini.

Publié le 18/05/2016