Jesika von Rabbit : « Psychic Spice »


Psychic Spice – Jesika von Rabbit
Directed by: Jessica Janos
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IG: jesikavonrabbit
twitter: @JesikavonRabbit
IG: jessicajanos
twitter: @jessicajanos

I'm psychic. I read you. My third eye, will lead you. I'll make you. I'll show you. I'll feed you. I'll grow you. I live you. I love you. I dream you. I shove you. I'll sweet you. I'll sweat you. I hate you. I need you. I'm Psychic. I'll find you. I'll face you. I just might disgrace you. I'll grind you. I'll grade you. I'll seize you. I'll bait you. I'll need you. I'll kill you. I'll bill you. I'll nail you. I'll sail you. I'll seal you. I'll wheel you. I'll deal you. I'm Psychic. I'm spicy. I'm dicey. My product is pricey. I'm quicker. I'm slicker. I'm faster. I'm fitter. I'm wetter. I'm deader. I'm higher. I'm dryer. I'm liver. I'm lover. I'm quiver. I'm hover. I'm Psychic. I'm ion. I'm Zion. I'm Rastafarian. I'm eon. I'm neon. I'm huffing the freon. I'm flower. I'm power. I don't take a shower. I'm WASPY. I'm snotty. I'm Illuminaughty. I live it. I love it. I show it. I shove it. I shave it. You crave it. I cannot behave it. You meet it. You eat it. You trick and you treat it. You rub it. You roll it. I cannot control it. I'm Psychic.
Publié le 11/02/2015