This music marketing event is a perfect example of the enroaching Suburbanist attack on advanced culture. The number one objective of Suburbanist methodology is to endlessly reintroduce what they already own at the expense of supporting any attempt to supplant what has been exhausted of all its authenticity. Warner Bros. Records, a dying corporate control organization shows its utter desperation with this particular meaningless action.
This event is a completely false and cynical example of FASHIONWORLD’s attachment to anything and everything drained of all relevant cultural impact. That attachment is based on two realities. The first being that the “stars » and the “artists » of FASHIONWORLD have no vested interest in creating any truly transgressive cultural disruption. They can only be called stars and artists in the most debased definition of those terms.
The star is in the truest sense of the term programming and the artists are at best tools performing their task as propagandists. The second reality is the use of seduction as the non-message in which to sell what has already been sold before. Karlie Kloss since 2008 has become a key agent for the major fashion-industrial complex corporations.

What is presented with this commercial for a product that is irrelevant in every sense of the word, is the Suburbanist need to sell its dead messages as miraculously new and inspired. Everything here is dead. The music, the narrative, the visual design, and the photography.
Everyone involved in this spectacle are operatives and agents attempting to create a global monoculture based on a recent past that lost all its meaning before the 21st century began. Nile Rogers, Karlie Kloss, Inez and Vinoodh, Stephen Galloway are participants in a world-wide monocultural network of producers and managers whose primary objective is to create signals of corporate mind control. The network’s primary goal is menticide, a killing of the mind.
Resist all forms of FASHIONWORLD propaganda. Resist all forms of corporate monocultural indoctrination. Understand when you see an image of Karlie Kloss that she is an agent of persuasion. She is a component of the globalized fashion-art-industrial spectacle. There is nothing of significance or meaning in these images and events. These strategically manufactured actions are
meant to impair your autonomy, damage your ability to think independently, and drain your finances.
These spectacles are engineered thought reform. The image of a disco ball is your cue to turn your back. Nostalgia is one of the key aspects of early 21st century corporate thought control. FASHIONWORLD IS A MATHEMATICAL ALGORITHM. It is a formulistic past blocking your engagement with the present. F/W 2015/16 SAINT LAURENT is the 1970’s. F/W 2015/16 J.W. ANDERSON/LOEWE is the 1980’s.
“Where there is power, there is resistance.” Michel Foucault

Cochise County, Arizona
March 21, 2015

Publié le 22/03/2015