The brand Calvin Klein is a global [governmental] power. Power in the 21st century is logistic. The true power resides in the infrastructures of the world. All designers that work for international FASHIONWORLD governments are propagandists of varying degrees of talent including Raf Simons.
The most we can say about Raf is that all in all, at least he knows how to entertain his audience, which is his profession of course. That Raf or any contemporary FASHIONWORD designer represents « us » is nostalgia. FUCK NOSTALGIA. The designer is not here to represent anything, they’re here to distract us from questioning forms of power.
The power I am referring to is the organization of the world, the engineered, configured, purposed world. FASHIONWORLD governs the social hierarchies, social environments and atmospheres. Whoever administers the order of things, whoever manages the social accesses, governs society. FASHIONWORLD is a global police force organized to control the thoughts and actions of its citizens.
Power in 2016 and beyond is defining and controlling the very order of things and the police who defend it. If Raf Simons is hired as the designer of the Calvin Klein brand, he is just one inconsequential component in a highly organized brainwashing initiative operating not as a cultural program but as a global mindfucking operation focused on the identity and monetary control of the world’s youth.
There is only one response to a FASHIONWORLD regulated world. The most revolutionary action is to define your own happiness. Raf Simons cannot define your happiness. Demna Gvasalia cannot define your happiness. Alessandro Michele cannot define your happiness. Gosha Rubchinskiy cannot define your happiness. J.W. Anderson cannot define your happiness. Rei Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe cannot define your happiness. Jefferson Hack cannot define your happiness. HYPEBEAST cannot define your happiness. Kanye West cannot define your happiness. Anna Wintour cannot define your happiness. Drop the mic.

April 20, 2016
Vals, Switzerland

Publié le 20/04/2016