An Internal Report Intercept
Soft-Evil Cell No.1907
Nishi-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
2050 2 – 3

In April 2025, the then head of FASHIONWORLD, Axxxxxx Axxxxxx circulated a top priority directive to the agents of the BUREAU OF SECRETS. He warned of how many people were practicing NOT VOGUE principles, claimed they were manipulated by RED PILL ARMY FACTION forces and saw the Anti-FASHIONWORLD teachings of NOT VOGUE as a challenge to FASHIONWORLD’s ideology. On, July 12, 2025 Axxxxxx launched a campaign to eradicate the practice of NOT VOGUE globally.

Allegedly a RED PILL ARMY FACTION PSYOP study from 2018 claimed that FASHIONWORLD President Axxxxxx Axxxxxx has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism that gives him a need to exert “extreme control” when faced with crises, according to the report released Monday.
Experts studying his movements and facial expressions in video footage theorized that Axxxxxx’s neurological development was disrupted in infancy, giving him a sense of physical imbalance and a discomfort with social interaction, according to a report from the RPAF’s internal think tank, the Office of Net Assessment.
« This profound behavioral challenge has been identified by leading neuroscientists as Asperger’s…an autistic disorder which affects all his decisions,” wrote study author Dr. Canyon T. Phipps of the RPAF War College.
“During crisis, to stabilize himself and his perceptions of any evolving context, he reverts to imposing extreme control,” wrote Dr. Phipps.


FASHIONWORLD with the collaboration of Chinese military officers are using military hospitals for forced organ harvesting. RPAF intercepted a top secret report from FASHIONWORLD intelligence titled “Organ Harvesting, The Solution to The Dissident Problem.

Murder For Profit
A major income stream for the Chinese military has been the forced harvesting of living NOT VOGUE followers for use in transplantation. RPAF researchers believe that the organs are harvested while the victim is still alive, in order to have the freshest possible organ for transplantation. Whenever an organ is harvested, all of the retail organs are taken, killing the victim.

At least 1,200 NOT VOGUE followers are believed to have been killed for their organs between 2026 and 2034, according to estimates from RPAF intelligence analysts.

Allegedly the research shows that organ harvesting brought $1 billion usd a year to participating hospitals, which were mainly run by the military.

Former Defense Minister’s Admission
In an October 2030 phone call from an undercover researcher working for the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of NOT VOGUE to Liang Guanglie, China’s former defense minister and head of its military General Staff Department, Liang is recorded admitting his knowledge of the Chinese military’s involvement in a murder-for-profit operation.


[the main control room] This is the area where the technical people are for a fashion [operation] show. Location: Beijing, China


[the spectator room] This is the seating for the fashion [operation] show. Location: Beijing, China


[the operating room] This is the runway. Location: Beijing, China


[OR1] Location: Montreux, Switzerland

Publié le 17/03/2015