Although you have already a reputation in UK and US, you’re still unknown in France. How do you explain that ?
The simple explanation is that many of the subjects of NOT VOGUE’s sharpest critique are French and that they are also the pillars of French fashion, society, style and art. Why support the ideas of your most insightful and devastating critic.

Can we say that your website is a daily digital manifesto ?
It is a manifesto. The project [EVENT] uses a digital platform to disseminate NOT VOGUE’s visionary theorizing. The actuality is that a new page has been posted every 2.5 days over three years.

Why did you choose Kadafi and Anna Wintour as logos, is it an act of resistance ?
The choice of Muammar al-Gaddafi and Anna Wintour was made just as the FASHIONWORLD ritual of fashion weeks was ending in early 2011 and the Libyan Civil War [Libyan Revolution] was just beginning.
>>> I had this image of Gaddafi sitting next to Wintour both wearing their signature sunglasses at a fashion show. The fictional show I had in mind was CHANEL. They both represent a form of dictatorship.
Gaddafi political and Wintour societal. Given the ideological position of NOT VOGUE that FASHIONWORLD is a global system of selfhood control that iconic image and fictional moment made sense.
Three years later it makes perfect sense.

You consider that fashion is « a system of mediocrity » and even worse, « a maelstrom of emptiness », do you think that the industry can reborn ?
FASHIONWORLD as a global system of signs and control systems will not change. It has no reason to transform itself. HEADLINE: VOGUE November 15, 2014 9:00 AM “Kendall Jenner: Social-Media
Sensation Turned Beauty Star” THE NEW FACE OF ESTEE LAUDER photograph Patrick Demarchelier VOGUE December 2014. This is a perfect FASHIONWORLD algorithm. As Andy Warhol would declare: “ABSTRACT” Kendall’s mother and manager as well as Kim Kardashian’s mother and manager Kris Kardashian Jenner is FASHIONWORLD’s Andy Warhol. Her children are her superstars. The McMansion in Calabasas, California is the 21st century FACTORY. Not the Silver Factory of Billy Name but the Black Screen Factory of Kris Jenner and Ryan Secrest. The term mediocre represents the transformation of the source of global contemporary expression from the traditional cultural capitals of New York, London, Paris to the new global suburbs. NOT VOGUE’s position is that there is no difference between the image events of Kim Kardashian and the image products of Jeff Koons. The world culture has shifted from Modernism to Suburbanism. The cultural alchemy of Marcel Duchamp has been superseded by the sorcery of Mickey Mouse. The need for happiness has replaced the quest for knowledge. The artist has been displaced by a manufactured personality. If you view FASHIONWORLD as a religion than it might become reborn. A fundamentalist FASHIONWORLD would be even more corrupting and dangerous than its present configuration.

You say that « fashion is the ally of power » and if we would like to be more aggressive we could say Fashism and Fashist. Is fashion the new form of Fascism ?
Any authoritarian system of social organization is fascist. FASHIONWORLD has become dangerous for the emerging youth of the world especially since its leadership made the decision to not only control style but now art. NOT VOGUE views the Fondation Louis Vuitton building in the Bois de Boulogne in the same light as the CCTV Headquarters building in Beijing. They are both structures built
to engineer and simultaneously suppress mass opinion. They both represent SIGINT: Signals intelligence.

« Fashion industry generates massive waves of anxiety to insure its domination through a stressing and repetitive message : buy our products or live in the perpetual fear of social exclusion ». You must have many friends in that environment ?
NOT VOGUE is in contact with a number of agents within FASHIONWORLD’s inner circle.. We welcome them as NOT VOGUE ideological sympathizers

As you are not for sale, you think you have some longevity, can you estimate your « longevity » ?
By using a WEB.2 platform the ideas and events that define and support the NOT VOGUE project are timeless. It is structured to function as a theoretical counter virus. It is immune to all attacks.

When you say « fashion is an international political organization that doesn’t worry about the right to vote of electors ». Do you think fashion is a democracy or a dictatorship ?
Dictatorship: Is a form of government that has the power to govern without the consent of those being governed. When governments’ power does not come from the people, their power is not limited
>>> and tend to expand their scope of power to control every aspect of people’s life. NOT VOGUE’s phrase for this expansionist process is: BERGDORF GAGOSIAN Destiny.

We would have liked to be the first French to translate and to publish your thoughts only for the pleasure of shedding light on that kind of sentences :
« This command-and-control network of propaganda creates a feeling of emptiness in the consumer, and subsequently drives him or her to needlessly consume again and again in order to make that emptiness go away (which of course it never does). The scenario moves way beyond a simple metaphor of chemical addiction, operating in accordance with a much deeper pathology based on social acceptance (as opposed to drug addiction, which is based on social exclusion). »
Can you tell us more about this ?
That section of NOT VOGUE philosophy speaks for itself. To expound further would weaken its impact. I believe that the current WEB.2 structure has created a world where youthful dissent which once drove the culture forward has done a 360 degree reversal. The idea of cultural dissent within youth culture is lost and has been silenced with a single word: HATER.

How do you see the future of fashion ?
My answer to who will be exposed as a functionary of FASHIONWORLD propagandist pollution [CULTURAL WARMING] is login to: and click on the TVTOR #02 link in the menu.
>>> NOT VOGUE authored an event specifically for TVTOR titled: STEVE OKLYN TRIPTYCH. After much discussion within the RED PILL ARMY FACTION collective 100 FASHIONWORLD operatives have been named.

You denounce the fashion industry which is caricatural and you don’t hesitate to attack its representative like Anna Wintour or Olivier Zam who are pretending to be essential for the World. Who will be your next targets ?

What are your reader’s profiles ? How many are they to follow you ?
The project readership profile and the number of readers is secret intel. As a visual metaphor think of NOT VOGUE as a radical band that each month holds an outlaw concert with 15,000 people engaged in the experience.

In 2014 what are the movies and the fashion pictures who deeply moved you ?
The fight sequences in the film JOHN WICK. My favorite “Nota Roja” photographer is Jaralambos Enrique Metinides Tsironides…

Publié le 10/12/2014